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    Re: Goddess Christians

    Yeah, the ancient Hebrew assigned gender to nouns as many other languages do. The word for wisdom is always in the feminine gender. The Greek word love is in the feminine gender. God is love (1 John...
  2. Re: inappropriate people are inappropriate and clueless

    I have to be frank here, and apparently go against the grain. Not that I'm condoning what this woman did in a desperate measure for attention, but I wouldn't give the Pope the time of day. Why on...
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    Re: What do you want on your pizza?

    I've never had a pizza I didn't like, though I have never had one with tuna and corn. That's definitely something rare in my neck of the woods.

    I especially like chicken teriyaki with tomato and...
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    Re: Astral Projection troubles

    Since no one has answered and I'm a curious fellow who knows almost nothing about astral projection, perhaps you could help me. What exactly is it? Astral Projection, that is?
  5. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    Not that this is an argument for it, but to me it was always cool that Jesus, as John 1:1 points out, being the "Word" i.e. spokesman for Jehovah, would have been the most likely candidate for being...
  6. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    Oh, you picked up on the idea on your own? Cool. Does it or does it not make sense to you? It made perfect sense to me. In the Bible Jesus lived in Heaven long before he came here, in fact he was the...
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    Sticky: Re: Whatcha listening to?

    I've been listening to Frank Zappa on Pathway Machine | Albums: Frank Zappa for two days now. Strange stuff. Funny stuff. Good stuff. Orchestral stuff.
  8. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    I'm always sort of surprised when Michael being Jesus is something unheard of questioned.

    Are there any others who believe Michael and Jesus are the same? Yes, there are many. Joseph Benson, E....
  9. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    When you find yourself in danger,

    When you're threatened by a stranger,

    When it looks like you will take a lickin',

    (Bwak, Bwak, Bwak, Bwak)
  10. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    No! No! No! You can't go from the Bible to DC Comics, to Lord Of The Rings, to Harry Potter then to Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Trek in one swoop like that! Do it properly.
  11. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    See, now there you've confused me. Your mode of "speech" is sometimes difficult to follow, Earthling man.
  12. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    Oh, heavens no. We're just getting started! We have much work to do.

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. Sarcasm? You don't even like the subtle hint of debate do you? I've visited a lot of...
  13. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    I think the point is moot. I could say the same for Superman with more certainty. If I say to you that Gandalf was the Headmaster of Hogwarts and Dumbledore was a wizard in Middle Earth who rode a...
  14. Re: What would Judaism, Christianity, and Islam be without Satan?

    Interesting question, but the book of Revelation has already answered it. Satan is imprisoned in the abyss for a period of time, then released for a period of time, and then destroyed, along with sin...
  15. Re: Is my God your God, your point of view?

    This is my personal opinion based upon Biblical study.

    The thing about god is, that it is just a word that means a person or persons are attributing a might greater than their own or is...
  16. Re: Is it a good idea to invoke Saint Michael?

    I'm writing a book about Superman but I don't believe the DC comics are a reliable resource so I'm just going to make shit up as I go using the name of Superman. Does that make sense?

    Michael is...
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    Re: Goddess Christians

    God is always referred to in the masculine sense, but that doesn't mean he is male anymore than a ship is always referred to in the feminine meaning a ship is female. God is a spirit being, as well...
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    Re: When Jesus confronted Satan

    Satan is a Hebrew word which means resister or adversary. So the word satan would apply to anyone who resists or acts as an adversary. The word first appears in scripture at Numbers 22:22 in...
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    Re: Is Ra El?

    Good post, thalassa. Lots of info. I think one of the confusing aspects about various words for god is that they often become names or are confused as such. Like Allah being Arabic for "the God"...
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    Re: Windows 10 Is Coming

    I know what you mean. It scared hell out of me when the Windows icon appeared on my task bar offering the $119 dollar OP for free. And they even made reserving it super easy . . . that isn't like...
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    Windows 10 Is Coming

    Anyone (or everyone) getting Windows 10 on the 29th of this month? With the new Microsoft browser Maverick? Normally I don't pay attention to such new fangled gadgets but this is got me as giddy as a...
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    Re: Is Ra El?

    Huh? The Hebrew word for evil is Ra. The Hebrew word for God is El. The tree of the knowledge of good and bad is often said to have been pomegranate.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was half asleep...
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    Email Registration Confirmation

    When I first registered the forum told me that I would get an email with a link to follow in order to confirm. I never got it. I thought it was odd that I could add my avatar and so I tried to post...
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    Re: We are the root of all evil

    I stand corrected . . . and warned. Junk punched. Heh, I've never heard that expression. I believe it. I ran out of there with my tail between my legs.
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    Re: "The Land of Nod"?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the early account is considerably condensed. So Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain, then Abel. They grew up, one becoming a farmer the other a sheepherder,...
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