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    Re: Pagan Mentorship?? So Isolated

    A lot of us are isolated, but don't think that will end just because you find other pagans. The truth is that even when we get together, it can still be very challenging to find a true mentor or...
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    Re: Real Dragon Deities

    This actually reminds me a bit of a discussion I had with someone about Baba Yaga recently. Not to derail the line of discussion. In fairy tales, Baba Yaga is often portrayed as the mother of dragons...
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    Re: Where to begin?

    I recommend a little study in the history of religion. You'll find that concepts like monism have their origins in many places separate from Abrahamic religion, such as Kemeticism, Orphism, or...
  4. Re: How come most religions don't try to convert?

    Almost any religion will claim a "higher" knowledge than other schools of thought, but Christianity is particularly clear that followers have a duty to save others. Regarding Islam, I don't have much...
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    Re: Your pagan DNA roots

    I think you can inherit a spiritual legacy. Not so much that DNA can transmit memory. We are talking about a physical, concrete molecule here. Not some ethereal energy.

    Consider that many pagan...
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    Re: Controversy over Blood Sacrifice

    In the context of a ritual feast, I think it's fine. Many "animal sacrifice" traditions are just that; an animal is killed, and all or most of it is eaten. Others may waste a certain amount of meat,...
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    Sticky: Re: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

    I'm reading "Children of Dune", by Frank Herbert.

    I read the first Dune novel years ago, but I wasn't aware that Frank Herbert wrote five more books. Much later, I found out that Kevin J....
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    Re: Pagan Expansionism!

    I would prefer disorganized expansion, if that makes any sense. I can see organized religions emerging from neo-paganism, but they will only be as small islands in a sea of eclecticism.

    I've met...
  9. Re: Humans Have Stopped Evolving And The Future Bleak If People Have Large Families

    I think eventually, we are likely to have a population contraction one way or another. Nothing like an extinction, but a contraction that will stabilize the planet slightly. We might delay that event...
  10. Re: Why did paganism return and when did it return as a modern religion?

    There have been a number of periods in western history that have caused people to look back on pre-Christian traditions. Perhaps the earliest is during the Renaissance, when people began to crave a...
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    Re: Sveiki (hello)

    Welcome! I guessed that you were a Baltic pagan as soon as I saw your username. As a Slavic pagan, I find the Baltic traditions very interesting.
  12. Re: Why did paganism collapse in the medieval period?

    Definitely worth remembering. The book records pagan atrocities, although I think the author of that same book also acknowledges that exclusive monotheism made things worse. That's pretty much my...
  13. Re: Why did paganism collapse in the medieval period?

    This is a question that needs to be separated into at least two phases; 1- Within the Roman Empire, and 2- Outside of the Roman Empire.

    #1. While many Roman pagans were highly devout prior to...
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    Re: Confused with my path

    Reminds me a lot of the meditations of the Neoplatonists, Pythagoreans, and Stoics. All worth looking into, for anyone who is testing the waters of monism (as I have been as of late.) The more...
  15. Re: Enter the Linguistic Pagan! 参上!言語学の異教徒!

    For me, interest in linguistics is a large part of what led me to paganism.
    I've been interested in linguistics for a long time. My mother always used to teach me English words along with their...
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    Re: Please help me, I do not know what to do

    My girlfriend used to have some very eerie experiences in her apartment. She even said that she used to find written messages in her mirror. I might be skeptical, except that one time we were both...
  17. Re: Faith, how do you define it and how important or nessecary is it to you?

    As a rule, I have very little faith, at least by one definition. I have never had the blind certainty that many religious people seem to have. I have, however, sometimes had experiences that made me...
  18. Re: Ph.D Muslim writes book on Christianity; bashed under assumptions

    So many books on Christianity have Christian assumptions though. They assume that what Christ preached was more or less what made it into the four canonical Gospels, and eventually became orthodox...
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    Re: Hey Folks, Talk to me about Thor?

    In a sense, Thor got me started on paganism. I performed a ritual asking for inner strength, determination, and the sense to know when to stand up for myself. All things I've lacked at times. At that...
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    DEBATE! Re: Unverified Personal Gnosis

    UPG is fine, but I tend to be very tentative about a single person's experiences. Lore is potentially the collective personal gnosis of hundreds of generations, so naturally I tend to value it above...
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    Re: Greco-Roman & Vedic Deities

    Well, Zeus could be said to correspond to Indra or Trita. He is the third son, thunderer, serpent-slayer, found in almost all Indo-European myth. Like Indra, he was generally honored as the chief...
  22. Re: Finding Balance between the Masculine and Feminine

    I must admit, since I focused on the Slavic pantheon, I have felt an absence of goddesses in my practice. My main deities are Perun, Dazbog, and Svarogich, with only occasional interaction with Moist...
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    Sticky: Re: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

    About halfway through James Michener's "The Carribean." As I hoped, it really is fleshing out my understanding of that region's past. Next historical fiction I think I'll read is Edward Rutherfurd's...
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    Re: Looking for online resources

    Interesting how the view of Artemis varied by region. Perhaps syncretism is part of the explanation? As one poster already mentioned, numerous deities have been associated with Artemis. In the...
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    Re: Sources for beliefs

    Some people will focus on Snorri, and ignore that his claims are corroborated to a degree. We have both the prose and poetic edda's, and we also have Runestones,folklore, and numerous sources written...
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