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  1. Re: Selective Service registration and women....

    Yeah, sorry, but the way government works isn't a case of 'I scratch their back if they scratch mine', which it seems you wouldn't even be in favour of anyway. Its a case of, 'I will scratch their...
  2. Re: Selective Service registration and women....

    My apologies for this slight derailment.

    There is a significant difference between conscription, and the use of conscripts in combat, and if I recall properly, at least in the developed world,...
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    Sticky: Re: what do you look like right now?

    Behold!!! My glorious mustache!!! :dummy:

  4. Re: Selective Service registration and women....

    Because you live under the state. And like laws passed by the state, you therefore have rights and obligations to the state that you must follow. In some aspects you have to accept that you are not...
  5. Re: Selective Service registration and women....

    Yes, to put it bluntly.
    In state and society, the citizens have certain duties and obligations to the state, and vice versa. It is a part of the rights of the state to require such things from its...
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    Don't Stay in School?

    Have you all seen this? (^u^)

    I wish this wasn't as true as it was for my education. I remember, and it remains true, that a lot of the things I...
  7. Re: Religious Trauma Syndrome:What is religious trauma?

    Well I did experience this over a long period of time, and to a huge degree, whilst I was leaning on the edge of leaving Christianity, but I think the article itself is too ideologically driven, with...
  8. Re: To People Who Take Issue With My Eclecticism

    I think it is, unfortunately, as was my case briefly, and a reason eclecticism still has a knee-jerk reaction for me a little bit, if I'm to be completely honest, is that they can, at times, fail to...
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    Re: Researchers Link Human Brains

    Going to be perfectly honest, as much as I might want to be excited about these advances, I cannot rightly imagine the scale of the huge issues and possible abuses that would be able to arise out of...
  10. Re: migrants:What to do...Europe needs to decide.

    There are a few issues that I do have with the way that the refugee crisis is being handled. For one, the fact that so many people are dying on the journey to Europe, and that this should be the...
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    Its been quite a while.

    Well it has been quite some time since I have been here, and I'm not sure how many of you will remember me, to be honest. (^^;)

    Its been several months. But, with that said, I have returned, and...
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    Re: Hello all.

    Hello there, and welcome to the forum! :3
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    Re: Looking to the Stars

    I have a similar feeling when I see the night sky. Just that awe-inspiring feeling at just how massive a thing it is, and yet also the shear beauty of it. Anyways, welcome to the forum~! :3
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    Re: What Are You Thinking About?

    Finally getting a chance to relax and do nothing after a busy week feels so nice, but I do feel a little bit lazy. xD
  15. Re: US Supreme Court declares gay marriage legal in all 50 states

    Excellent. Its good to see that the courts were able to see sense in the matter. I do wonder how this will effect the rest of the world. The States are one of the more socially conservative areas of...
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    Re: What is your creation story?

    Ultimately, regardless of whatever we come up with (religious, scientific, or otherwise) we cannot know the exact nature or origin of the universe, and so it is, in my opinion, something which I...
  17. Re: Consequences of ageing populations: is it really so bad?

    The major issue with lower an ageing population, and more especially the lower fertility rates in the developed world, in general, is that fertility rates are below the rate of replacement (average...
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    Re: Naming of Deities

    Ultimately I think that the most important thing to consider in the naming of any deity, should you choose to do so, is that sincere respect is shown in the process. So long as the name is one which...
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    Re: Medusa's QDJ (the year of THE WOLVERINE!)

    Probably that of a decomposing body (animal or otherwise)*. That's just not on. :P

    *In all honesty, I couldn't think of anything.
  20. Sticky: Re: Questions, problems, issues, etc...Post 'em here

    I suppose that I have one question, in order to establish a proper understanding of thread-banning. Is the thread-ban temporary or is it permanent? Thanks ahead of time for answering. (=^w^=)
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    Re: A culture without god

    My too! ^v^
    I'm not sure what the claims are yet, but I most certainly am interested to see how our understandings about human nature, and in this case language, are evolving as new information is...
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    Re: Greetings!

    Welcome to the forum! :3
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    Re: Shinto Group Thread

    Way back in November of last year the question was asked about the proper use of symbols in Shinto, and especially whether it was acceptable to wear symbols as in a similar fashion to wearing a...
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    Re: hello from the windy north

    Welcome to the forum! :3
  25. Thread: Yeah hi

    by LunarHarvest

    Re: Yeah hi

    Welcome to the forum! :3
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