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Thread: Wiccan Prayers - Some questions.

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    Wiccan Prayers - Some questions.

    I used to call myself an Eclectic Wiccan, now I don't know what I am.

    Yet, when I came back on here, wandering, unknowing, I missed something, as I always do.

    I wanted to start praying to the goddess and god again, to ask for guidance, to spew my heart and emotions.

    To free myself from heavy burdens, to ears, that are not distant, but not close either.

    Does anyone have prayer texts dedicated to the Horned One, and to Mother Earth.

    Simply Goddess and God will do fine as well, or should I write one myself. I work better with some sort of structure, a framework.

    I have googled, but none did either strike my eye, or simply not much was there to be found.

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    Re: Wiccan Prayers - Some questions.

    I tried the prefab meditations or prayers (however you view it) and I could not shake the feeling that it was empty, it was someone else's prayer. Writing my own became part of the process of meditation, of sorting through my questions and releasing them to the universe. It is more important to be genuine. In my humble opinion. Which is not to say you might not find a chant or prayer or meditation that is meaningful to you in a book or website, but I won't spend a lot of time searching. It's sort of like spending time finding someone else to express yourself, for you.

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    Re: Wiccan Prayers - Some questions.

    I find that its an idividual thing. Sometimes I like prayers that have been and are being used by others. There's a certain steadiness and strength of purpose that can be found in something shared, something with history. And sometimes I like to do my own thing (either formally or informally), because sometimes what I need can't be met by what I can find.
    And sometimes, I used prayers as a starting off point for my own discussion with the gods....for example, this one by Diane Sylvan. Or I'll adapt existing prayers to fit my needs.

    As for established prayers...

    I'm quite fond of the Homeric Hymn to Gaia...or there's the Orphic Hymn to Gaia, also a modern Hymn to Gaia.
    There are quite a few prayers to Cernunnos online, including one on Ceisiwr Serith's home page (along with Wiccan prayers to the God and Goddess) (he's written two quite excellent little prayer books).
    There's also two books, Book of Hours: Prayers to the God and Book of Hours, Prayers to the Goddess by Galen Gillotte, that are pretty good.
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