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Thread: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I love examining a problem, identifying the solution, being told to call Apple to see if they can do something (because I apparently can't be trusted to properly interpret a ******* Apple Support article) and having an Apple technician walk me through the procedure for the solution that I identified before I was told to call Apple. It's difficult to put in words just much fun that experience is.
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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I almost was having an argument at an RPG Internet Forum about the movie Avengers: Infinity War which I create a thread about the movie and post about my opinion on the movie.

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I'm trying to start a photography business... So I'd offered free headshots to a theatre group I'm part of. This is something that's costing me money, but I needed new pictures for my portfolio so I figured it was a win win. I'd booked 3 people for today. None turned up. One cancelled early yesterday because he got sick. Fair enough. One cancelled less than an hour before he wa supposed to be there because he was tired after a night out (he was booked for 3.30...). No apology. He even tried to get me to make a new (free) appointment next week. The last one cancelled 15 minutes before she should have been there because something came up...
    I'm furious. And appalled at the lack if respect for other people.
    So in conclusion, I'm not doing that again... if I do another free shoot I'll be sure to say that a late cancellation will cost a fine. Apparently you can't trust people to honour a commitment unless there's something for them to lose.
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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I have been struggling with my state's system for assisted healthcare with my daughter for over a year. I literally broke down crying today. I have had her on state insurance since she was born (the kind where we pay a minimal fee and everything is covered). March, 2017 I got the yearly paperwork to resubmit verifying income. I sent it in. Nothing. A few months later a notice that they had dropped her. I reapplied, no response, called and was told they hadn't received anything from us since 2016. I sent in another application. They only put her on dental, not medical. Called them and they said we'd have to submit again to get medical added. I sent in the paperwork. Nothing. Called and they didn't even show her as having dental anymore, said they couldn't find ANYTHING before 2016 (and we still had the dental healthcare card, though it had been deactivated.)

    I finally got an application to go through last November (she had been without insurance since the previous March). I never received anything other than an insurance card in the mail sometime in January. I waited for the first bill. I called and they said to look for it in the mail. I finally received a bill (the first one) on a Wednesday in March saying that payment was overdue and she was going to be dropped if we didn't get her payment in. I was like, ok, now that I know what to pay, I'll get it in this Friday when we get paid. That Friday I got a notice that they were dropping her due to lack of payment, not even three days later. I called them and they said if I got the payment in that week it would be fine. I went online, thought I made the payment, but apparently it never actually went through (I honestly thought I had confirmed this but apparently I'm delusional because I can't find the withdrawal anywhere on my bank account or the email confirmation). So she was dropped from insurance. And I have to apply AGAIN.

    If I could afford it, I think I would seriously be considering a lawyer. I'm pretty sure I've submitted four or five applications in the last year and a half. Only two of those were even acknowledged, and one of them was later denied as having ever been seen (even though we'd had a phone conversation with someone about how she had somehow ended up with only dental). I'm so frustrated, and I feel like I should just give up and put her on my insurance, but that would be an extra $100 a month we don't have right now.
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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    MY advice is try and hook up with a social worker,perhaps from a state child agency to wade through the BS. at times it is the only way to unsnarl a mess. I don't know about Iowa,but many states have these problems.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I had a social worker from Easter seals when I had to deal with social security disability issues. cut through the BS like a hot knife.
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