So, even though I live at home though in the sable house (an apartment above the sable) care for the horses in the middle of the night and call the vet at all hours of the night as well as train them and teach clients how to ride, I pay rent, buy my own food and clothes and have just acquired my pilots license and officially am on stand by for airfield ( I just got a job doing tourist fly arounds) my mother says I MUST still attend University to obtain my physicist PH.D or I need to move out because, and I quote, " no daughter of her's is going to be a nomadic pilot vagabond that is a paganist. I support her religion choice but not her wayward career". Jewish mother at her finest. My brother agrees and my sister says I can stay in her spare room at her house. What a nightmare! And dad is afraid to tell my mom to ***k off but supports me.