Life always has a tendency to throw a wrench in my plans... finish school, relocate. Easy as that. Last week before we left for vacation KP found out there was a job in Mississippi by his mom, his not really a big fan of his Mom but he lovers her and he misses his sister plus she has offered her husband up to help with Milo. Its also only 7 hours from my family instead of 18. Recruiter contacts him about the job, its a fantastic opportunity for us.

So while on vacation we look at houses and start making a plan, his mom wants to help... Great except all of a sudden its become a "WE" as in her husband and her in addition to us all moving, and its no longer about KP and I. It's "we" should move between my job and KP's job and kalynraye can find a job somewhere oh and I guess go back to school. I shouldn't complain I should be happy they want to actively participate in Milo's life but she's nuts if she thinks she's moving in with us. Also her "preferred" area to live in which is WAY out of our budget is an hour away from KP's new job. So I'm not doing that.

Of course this move is all contingent on if he gets the job. He has an interview with the regional director in the next few days and we will know after that. This is a great opportunity for us, and having help would be amazing I just need to remember that with that helps comes an overbearing mother in law who thinks the world revolves around her and I need patience.

Also I cried the other day when I thought about moving out of my house. I've never had a problem moving before but that could be because it wasn't mine. This one is and I guess I've become a little attached.