Hey everyone. Today I'm going to do a tarot reading on what's going to happen when the players and I get a new Dungeon Master to play the Holidays Of Astorya game. Because our first DM dropped out of the game because he wasn't enjoying the game. So we're searching a new DM and hope that DM will make a commitment to play with us. Anyway I'm using the Robin Wood Tarot Deck and use the three card spread.

1. Near Future: Fool: This is the beginning of the new DM to play Holidays Of Astorya game.

2. Distant Future: 5 of Wands: There's going to be so much fights and arugment both in character and out of character.

3. Far Distant Future: Justice: There's going to be fairness at the end of the game.

So in summary, The game will turn out good for our new DM in the beginning. However there's going to be arugments in the middle of the game. And finally our new DM going to be very fair and equal. So what do you think of my interpretation? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.