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Thread: What is up with covens?

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    Re: What is up with covens?

    Was in one for years and it was so so rewarding, it just clicked for me.
    We dispanded due to people moving away, but I miss it every day.

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    Re: What is up with covens?

    I missed my first group that was taken out with a combination of Boeing lay-offs and the witch wars that happened coincidentally in the same time frame. I was one of those who went underground to avoid the worst of the war. When I surfaced in the late 90s I found it was still being fought by a few of the old groups or by their leaders, It was as bad as the fighting in the middle east. One group leader spread rumors that I was affiliated with the ATC and anything I did should be avoided on threat of spiritual death. It ended up backfiring on him but I could never get him to join in anything I did. I did get a place on the council of CASA which he ran. When I found out it was a ploy to make a paying position for a friend of his I expressed my objection and resigned After that I was labeled "homophobic" and a few other things but those who had come to know me knew better and my gay friends got a laugh out of it but they kidded me about it until they saw that it really did hurt. I left a very loving community in Seattle made up of many different organizations and traditions but I had to move to be closer to family and to heal. When I called for personal references I was homesick and saddened that we were not close enough to talk and share hugs. They are wonderful people and I miss them a lot.

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