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Thread: Druidism's foundations

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    Re: Druidism's foundations

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMcCann View Post
    The tone may be civil, but the attitude - recons are either like the SCA or being "as disingenuous ... as lying" - was not. When I join a group of neopagans I always end up reminded of the communication difficulties discussed in
    I think I shall quietly leave.
    ...that would be a crappy attitude if that had been what I said or meant. I never said that all recons are liars or that they are disingenuous except in a very specific context (which I felt was comparable to misattributing the modern origins of practice as historical), something you either missed or chose to ignore. And that specific context was that when recons pick and choose which ancient practices and beliefs to reconstruct, they are changing the context and the meaning of the practices and beliefs because they are a product of a particular place and time and culture that is radically different from our own. Most recons, in my experience, realize this and freely (or in some cases grudgingly) admit it.

    Now, you may not like that opinion or agree with it, but you don't need to mischaracterize it.
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    Re: Druidism's foundations

    Quote Originally Posted by thalassa View Post
    And I don't think any of them can, even if they actually wanted to and truly thought they could...
    The closest you'll find is a couple of Roman Recon groups, like Nova Roma or Respublica Romana. They are oriented towards reviving Roman culture inasmuch as they can in modern day, in addition to the religious aspects. This has led, especially with Nova Roma, to reenactors becoming a significant demographic, eventually to the detriment of the religious reconstruction side of things.

    But even then, they're more on the tack of "let's bring back and live Roman virtues, while dropping the sexism and slavery and militarism stuff." Bring back the good stuff, but leave the bad stuff where it belongs...though, in my opinion, doing this blindly just ignores the rather rich context that ancient Roman society had to these things.


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