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    Re: Dungeons And Dragons Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by volcaniclastic View Post
    Haha thanks. I think she's my favourite character to date. I feel useless sometimes in battle, which really grinds my gears because I'm used to playing rogues, barbarians, and fighters, but other than the odd "how do I do a spell thing?" question that arises still, it's pretty good.
    I always wanted to make a naturalist-explorer with a keen interest in toxins (specializing in bugs, botany, fungi, some herpetology, and a knowledge of rocks and soils). Has vasculum, will travel. Maybe off a wizard class, but instead of spells, she'd use a poisonous puffball mushroom to create Poison Spray, squeeze an acid spitting roach for Acid Splash, shake a jar of lightening beetles or phosphorescent algae for Light, etc. Illusions could use some hallucinogenic, etc.; Hideous Laughter could come from a shower of kuru prions taken and distilled from cannibals and injected into brain-eating nematodes delivered by blowpipe; Chromatic Orb could be a series of flasks with different substances. I know people have done alchemists, so this would probably overlap a bit. Druid spells might also be good for this Meld into Stone (a draft of distilled cuttlefish and chameleon essence allowing her to blend so perfectly with the stone as to become it), Giant Insect (release insects treated with growth hormones), or Insect Plague (from painstakingly collecting locusts...and feeding a trap that brakes when smashed).

    But, she has absolutely minimal magic, unless it comes from an object...or from her familiar, which she acquires through the rescue of what she thinks is just a regular creature, but actually is intelligent and has magic--but because she has no real magic of her own, they can't communicate until they figure out how to work out a system. She has a hiking stick that she can use as a quarterstaff and a field guide (that she constantly complains about the inadequacy of) instead of a spellbook. Also, she has a random natural ability for distraction...she'll start spouting information at the enemy to momentarily throw them off their game. Problem is, the person closest to her on her side also gets distracted for that same amount of time (unless they have ear plugs in, which could cause its own problems). Like your character she's likely to wander off a bit, but to chase butterflies and press flowers rather than to paint. Also, she spends a lot of time making paper and ink and a lot of money on pins (for her insect collection) and jars.

    She's on the lookout for a charmed bit of small diameter line, which is unbreakable and can be used for snares, a garrote, fishing line, etc. and a net for bugs or aquatic things that expands or contracts for whatever you want to catch and hold with it); a field guide that she constantly complains about the inadequacy of, and reeds to make blowpipes. She's working on writing a complete field guide of everything that combines scholarly and folkloric information, as well as practical uses, recipes, etc. but is in search of a magic tome to hold all of this information (a bit like the diary of Tom Riddle) where one could ask the book for information or press the organism or part of the plant, etc. to the pages, and it would pull up the information, which becomes a stack of random parchment and paper and birch bark "scrolls" as she does research.

    A bit like the Doctor from ST: Enterprise meets Indiana Jones meets Kate Furbish (a real botanist from the 19th century)...but we got no game afoot, so I just keep pondering.
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