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Thread: Offering Oracle Card Readings

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    Offering Oracle Card Readings

    I'd like to offer oracle card readings for anyone interested. I've been reading for myself regularly for 12 years now and am very connected to both my decks. Until last year, I hadn't read for others; I went from no inclination to a sudden urge to want to read for people. Even with that newly excited interest, I ended up doing only a handful of readings for friends, this year. A couple were in person and a few were distance readings. I'd like to continue practicing both more frequently, in the coming year. I feel that I'm much better at distance readings, so I should be soliciting my friends and family to sit down with me to get more comfortable with face-to-face interaction. (By the way, if anyone has any advice on overcoming the social nervousness of being an introvert as related to giving readings, please share!)

    I use two faery oracle decks, The Faeries Oracle and The Heart of Faerie Oracle. I feel like FO is more in depth and best for seeking answers that require more personal introspection and self work and HOF is good for simpler (often more readily apparent) solutions and for questions having to do with yourself and another/others (friends, family, lover). For myself, I always use them both, as each has always had something relevant to whatever I've inquired about; I don't want to miss anything! I can use either or both, as you would like.

    PM your questions and if you have a preference for one or both decks to be used.

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    Re: Offering Oracle Card Readings

    I'm interested. I'll PM you my questions.

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