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Thread: Anita Hill...yup...her.

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    Anita Hill...yup...her.

    So probably only us old folks and Americans will know the name Anita Hill. I remember the hearings (I was 19 I believe) during 1991. And I remember at the time being very ambivalent and completely unsure as to who to side with on this. I just watched the movie Confirmation about her and Thomas and the hearings. And it still left me with the same ambivalence all these years later. I know it did push the way for more women in congress that year. And I do believe the stats on reported sexual harassment in the workplace went up three fold. But in the end it was pretty much washed away privately and no side ever 'won' technically.

    What are your thoughts (back then if you remember) and now?
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    Re: Anita Hill...yup...her.

    As I read very recently,Thomas VERY seldom says anything from the bench..he seems more a place holder than a judge.

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