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Thread: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    It all depends on the kids. My younger brother was back-packing for a week at a time before he was 9. At ten most of us were allowed out back-packing with partners. We started doing the family dishes at 8 and cooking family meals at 10 years old. There was no staying at home alone with three sisters and eight brothers. After the first grade we would be away from home as much as we could. During the summers, we could go after the chores were done, as long as we were back by dark.

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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    When my brother was twelve, and I eleven we were left home alone everyday between the hours of 8am and 3pm. We were old enough to know how to stay out of trouble, but I think I gained about 30lbs that summer stuffing my face all day.
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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    In England the law just says that it's an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk of suffering or injury. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children recommends minimum ages of 12 for a "long period" during the day and 16 for overnight. Personally, I think people can be a bit too protective these days.

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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    I'm sort of necro-ing because I thought this was really interesting stuff:
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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    It depends. Do you mean home alone for a few hours after school? For most of the day? Overnight?
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    Re: At what age should kids* be allowed to stay home alone?

    I think independence has to be a gradually increasing thing, as the parent judges the child's development. This depends on an observant and sensible parent, though. For home alone, we would start with 15 minute intervals and worked our way up. For longer after school periods, I think a general rule is about 9 or 10. A little older for nighttime, because kids get scared. For all day- say parents working and child off for the day, I would say more like 12, again depending on the child. Then it gets tricky, because I think from 14 on, my kids would stay alive fine for a few days, but the temptation to do something stupid is pretty strong in the teen years. For venturing out on their own, it was a similar system; there were times when we encouraged independence, but were supervising more than they thought.

    When my older child was in elementary, there were lots of other children in the neighborhood. There was an unofficial system in which there was always at least one parent in a front yard doing chores, or visiting with other neighbors in the front. This let the kids feel independent wandering the street, but there was always an adult paying attention. This kind of petered off as that batch of kids grew older, but it was really nice. We knew where the kids were.

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