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Thread: Who is the person you are meant to be?

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    Re: Who is the person you are meant to be?

    Quote Originally Posted by kalynraye View Post
    My Results

    Striving to Be Creative

    You are an artist:...
    This is the one I wanted to get, but the one I actually got (striving to be boring... 'Scuse me...striving to be secure) is actually more accurate.
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    Re: Who is the person you are meant to be?

    I couldn't take the test honestly. There was no 'meh' option. I neither care about relationships or goals.
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    Re: Who is the person you are meant to be?

    I feel that I am at the moment just the person I always meant and wanted to be.
    And if there comes a time when that changes, I'll do my damndest to make sure I change too.

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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