Does anyone have a regular astral hygiene practice +/- a regular shielding practice? Tell us about it. What do you do? What are you tips for beginners? For advanced practitioners?

I had a minor epiphany last night when I was doing my weekly shield maintenance. For a very long time, part of my weekly maintenance has involved patching up a recurring hole that appears in the same place in my shield every single week. The last few times it hasn't been there, which is a little disconcerting because I've been patching it for so long that it's feels weird to not have to patch it. Last night I realised why the hole wasn't there anymore... because I quit my toxic job and don't have a daily emotional and mental drain sucking at me.

So what has this experience taught me? Recurring holes in your shields (or auric attachments, or cords, or leeches or whatever) have a source that perhaps should be investigated and resolved rather than being taken for granted!