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Thread: New Ancient Goddess Discovered?

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    Re: New Ancient Goddess Discovered?

    Quote Originally Posted by lightdragon View Post
    anything on Italian or Etruscan folklore that I know of was solely from Grimassi. a lesser extent from Monsno. but never to my knowledge of Uni.
    I am not a big fan of Grimassi,nothing personal,but I find him more interested in "Profit" than education on things.
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    Re: New Ancient Goddess Discovered?

    I love this kind of stuff--cryptoreligious findings, I guess is the term. As technology makes archaeology safer, I hope we continue to discover more of the gods that time buried.
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    Re: New Ancient Goddess Discovered?

    For anyone interested in Etruscan religion, these are the four books I recommend:

    Etruscan Life and Afterlife: A Handbook of Etruscan Studies edited by Larissa Bonfante (several contributors, including Nancy TdeG)
    Etruscan Myth, Sacred History, and Legend by Nancy Thompson de Grummond
    The Religion of the Etruscans also by Nancy Thompson de Grummond
    Etruscan Civilization: A Cultural History by Sybille Haynes (less about religion, more for the cultural context of that religion)

    Also, possibly of interest is a book called The Divine Liver by Rev. Skip Ellison (an ADF member), about the practice of haruspicy as practiced by the Etruscans and Romans.
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    Re: New Ancient Goddess Discovered?

    Here the contents page so you can see what's in it

    Editors’ Note vii
    List of Abbreviations viii
    Contributors to This Volume ix
    Preface xi
    W. Jeffrey Tatum
    I. Introduction: The History of the Study of Etruscan Religion 1
    Nancy Thomson de Grummond
    I I . Etruscan Inscriptions and Etruscan Religion 9
    Larissa Bonfante
    I I I . Prophets and Priests 27
    Nancy Thomson de Grummond
    IV. Gods in Harmony: The Etruscan Pantheon 45
    Erika Simon
    V. The Grave and Beyond in Etruscan Religion 66
    Ingrid Krauskopf
    VI . Votive Offerings in Etruscan Religion 90
    Jean MacIntosh Turfa
    VII . Ritual Space and Boundaries in Etruscan Religion 116
    Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry
    VIII. Sacred Architecture and the Religion of the Etruscans 132
    Giovanni Colonna
    Glossary 169
    Appendix A: The Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar 173
    Jean MacIntosh Turfa
    Appendix B: Selected Latin and Greek Literary Sources on Etruscan Religion 191
    Nancy Thomson de Grummond
    Index 219

    Been awhile since I read it so there may have been updates to individual sections but it was highly praised at the time and was a must read book on the Etruscan's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anunitu View Post
    I am not a big fan of Grimassi,nothing personal,but I find him more interested in "Profit" than education on things.
    He's one that tries or tried to tie everything and anything remotely connected to Italy and its history to Stregheria. Which I think made him a hero for a lot of budding new agey stregherian's but really removed any consideration his works might have had for fringe groups looking at Italian influenced practices. The fact it has little to not actual connection to actual Italian practice didn't matter. I noticed some of his works have been republished and now have dropped the Strega title and simply go with Italian Witchcraft.
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