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Thread: Deliberately Shutting off Psychic Function

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    Re: Deliberately Shutting off Psychic Function

    I do have a position on ghosts. I live in a senior building,and can count the number of people here that have died in the building. Many here are in their 70-80's,and death has taken perhaps 10-15 people over the 6 years I have lived here. I have yet to sense or interact with a restless spirit here.

    I would think if there was going to be a ghost,it would be here,but I have never seen or heard one.

    Just my personal experience.
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    Re: Deliberately Shutting off Psychic Function

    My boyfriend has been seeing them from a fairly young age (I dunno, maybe 10-sh?), and after so many years, it seems that the reaction to seeing one is just, "Oh, there's a thing. I wonder what I'll have for dinner tonight?"

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    Re: Deliberately Shutting off Psychic Function

    Quote Originally Posted by Rae'ya View Post
    If I remember correctly, Jem works with mentally and physically disabled people... most elderly but some not (Jem, correct me if I'm wrong there). That's a lovely little recipe for imprints... mental and emotional trauma, fractured psyches, hospice, people dying on site. Trapped or lost spirits are absolutely a possibility, but my understanding is that most 'spirits' that do the same thing over and over, which don't interact when spoken to, and which don't actively recognise a person who has seen/noticed them, are actually imprints.
    You're right. I work with 5 adults with a variety of disabilities. 2 are in their 60s but seem older because of early onset dementia. The building wasn't always a supported living home but that's not to say a previous owner hadn't died on the stairs.

    The house actually closed for refurbishments about 11 years ago. It had been a supported living home prior to that but the residents were moved out and then when it reopened, new residents and a new staff team were moved in. I only know about residents that lived there after the refurbishments, and there has been only one death on the premises in that time. A former resident died a few years ago but had been moved to a nursing home (we're not really equipped for nursing care because all but one of our rooms are upstairs), and another died from a heart attack while staying at his sister's. They were all male though.

    I know of at least one member of staff who knew the house before the refurbishments. I'll try picking her brain.

    I don't know how affective it will be, but I've decided to try imagining a padlock on my 3rd eye so I can literally lock up the chakra if I see something I'm not ready for. I'm going to be more vigilant about shielding too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chessa View Post
    My boyfriend has been seeing them from a fairly young age (I dunno, maybe 10-sh?), and after so many years, it seems that the reaction to seeing one is just, "Oh, there's a thing. I wonder what I'll have for dinner tonight?"
    When it comes to the shadows (I dunno what else to call them, but it's more like an aura without a person inside), I'm the same. I stopped seeing them until the latter end of last year, but saw them on a daily basis until 2010 when I lost my faith and rejected everything magical or metaphysical. They can take me off guard and there was a day last year when I kept seeing a ghostly black cat that unnerved me a little, but I generally just shrug it off.

    If sightings like the old lady are going to become more common, I hope I can learn to shrug those off too.
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