So as many of you know my border collie Brexton has pretty bad separation anxiety, well I have been doing lots of reading on transitioning my boys to having a new family member who requires more attention than anyone else ever has. Any time we get something new for Monster I show them, they investigate. They have their own bed in Monster's room and they have always been allowed in. It seems when I hit 28 weeks Brexton's anxiety has shifted into high gear. He whines constantly if I am not sitting, he has never felt the need to be touching me at all times, just as long as he can see me and I'm easily accessible. Now he is on me like white on rice. It's to the point I cannot make dinner without him freaking out.

I have no intention of neglecting my boys when Monster gets here and I honestly believe that Brexton and Monster will be the best of friends but it's getting to that point first. Everything I have read says that I shouldn't give the boys more attention as I get closer to my due date but should in fact ignore them. I don't know the validity of that. I honestly don't know what to do to calm his nerves..