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I remember the Thresher,I think I was in 9th or 10th grade then. I think I was all of 16.
For my age I really can't tell you why I remembered it just did. Saw news clips of it years later and knew it right away and could recall what our house and living room looked like where we lived at the time when it first occurred. I've always had an interest in submarines for as long as I can remember. As I've gotten older the memory has faded nearly away and been replaced by newer memories but if I see a news clip or such and many times it's as fresh as it was the day I first saw it and I can see the shadows of my home when I was five. Not always, but more times than I can count.

Strange though now it seems lesser in influence upon social and political history. That or I've just gotten older and the events that shaped my life and times affected / effected us differently than how things influence people today. My parents and grandparents do not reflect upon Pearl Harbor they reflect upon WWII as a whole, Pearl was just one aspect of it. To a degree even Korea is seen simply as the unfinished fall-out of WWII, not specifically a new war. It marks the ongoing fall of the european nation's world empire stage which will continue right up and into Vietnam and rise of the Communist bloc I suppose. Sort of how the 60's & 70's are for me I suppose.