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Thread: Man I am feeling old right now.

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    Man I am feeling old right now.

    Bob Segar is 72,the Red rocker, Sammy Hagar is 69...sigh...

    Bob Segar.

    Sammy Hagar.

    These were my favorite hard rock players.
    MAGIC is MAGIC,black OR white or even blood RED

    all i ever wanted was a normal life and love.
    NO TERF EVER WE belong Too.
    don't stop the tears.let them flood your soul.

    my new page here,let me know what you think.

    nothing but the shadow of what was

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    Re: Man I am feeling old right now.

    Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" is 40. Time, unlike me, is unafraid to fly.

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.

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