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Thread: Interesting Tarot article from Aeon

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    Interesting Tarot article from Aeon

    Here is an interesting article about the Tarot cards & Tarot readings (The truth about tarot) from, a place where I always find something interesting.

    Make of it what you will...

    From the article:
    Perhaps in herself, Julie offers the best answer to my original question: ‘Why does tarot survive?’ In a sense, tarot does encode wisdom – albeit within an invented tradition rather than a secret one. It is a system for describing aspirations and emotional concerns. It is a closed system rather than one based on evidence but, as such, it is not dissimilar to psychoanalysis, another highly systematised, invented tradition whose clinical efficacy depends ultimately on the relationship between client and practitioner.
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    Re: Interesting Tarot article from Aeon

    Is that a card I spy up your sleeve?

    You will be coming into some Honey,Mr. Pooh..

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