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Thread: Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

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    Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

    Okay, maybe most people won't think of it as a holiday, but I do. For North America, there will be a major eclipse event in August. I don't have any reservations or scheduled plans. We are not on the full eclipse path, but close enough to drive off at the last minute, which is a little iffy without reservations. It should still be pretty dramatic where we are.

    I haven't decided on anything magic/pagan/witchy, although it seems the perfect opportunity.

    Any plans, magical or otherwise?

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    Re: Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

    That's my first day of classes, so I'll be staring out the window

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    Re: Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

    I'm in a 95% (or thereabout) area, and I'm excited! Hope it's a clear day. I don't have an exact plan yet but I'll conjure one up soon!

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.

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    Re: Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

    This year has really flown by and I haven't celebrated any of my important spiritual events the way I would have liked.
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    Re: Any Solar Eclipse plans you want to share?

    In the next few months we will be forced to deal with some things that we have been putting off. It will probably be changes for the better, but there is risk for disasters small and large. I will probably be thinking about things in this area; I hope I can clarify my thoughts on this.

    I am also thinking that I should be looking at the KonMari thread/blog for some useful practical and psychological insight. Some of this is letting go of physical things, and some of it is letting go of unhealthy attitudes and habits.

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