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Thread: Drums and Drumming and an alternate perspective

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    Drums and Drumming and an alternate perspective

    Two disclaimers.

    This is an idea based upon how I see things from a shamanic influence.

    This is going to touch upon adult concepts so be forewarned.


    In many shamanic like practices the drum represents the most basic of concepts. It is the primordial sound of life. It is the heartbeat we as living beings are first introduced to while in the womb. It is the sound of life to us and is the basic rhythm of life. The steady beat or pulse that fills our ears.

    Within many practices the drum is used to induce hysteria or induce a trance like state for journey work. It's beat is used to inspire, motivate and a thousand other things.

    The drum itself can be constructed of any number of things. Anything from a hollowed out log to a hide pulled tight over some sort of frame. Something as simple as a pot to a ceramic bowl that one can tap upon to produce a rhythmic beat.

    Yet I bet most of us never realize the oldest and deepest drum and drumming circle we are connected to. It is one that raises or elevates us to the highest of heights. It touches upon us in a manner that goes from nothing and raises us to the point of creation or illumination. It starts out with the slowest of beats to bring us in alignment with the moment then rushes us to the frantic beat where our breathe rushes in and out and our heart races. Our bodies dance to the sound of the drum and moves us to the drummers beat. We experience the high of the rush, the plateau of the culmination and the anti-climatic descent as the drummer slows the beat back to normal.

    Unfortunately this next part could be seen as being misogynistic in some ways I suppose. That is in the aspect that the women is the eternal drum and womb. Yet to my perspective it is only misogynistic if people think of women as things and not as equal partners in the drumming circle. They are not "Beat" upon but body moving upon body, so the drum is joint action and sound of the union. Heartbeat to heartbeat, breath to breath as energy is raised to crescendo from a lull to fever pitch then back to a rest state.

    Flesh is the drum surface and the movement touches it all. The sexual act the penetrating thrumping of the beat and counter beat as each is both dancer and drummer. The womb the sacred circle the dance and energy is raised in and released to and the journey or vision performed at. It's duration lasting as long or as short as the dancers decide.

    The sad part is in my opinion people may not like it but every other drumming circle is an imitation of that drumming circle. The dance symbolic of the beat and cyclic nature of raising energy, focusing the intensity of the union and purpose, reaching a crescendo or fever pitch then releasing only to descend down afterwards. While the typical drumming circle does not perform the actual sexual union the steps and sequences are the same. About the only thing missing is the actual copulation though in many instances one still copulates though it is with spirit or some symbiotic representative.

    Of course just one of the paths my mind happened to wander down today.

    Yet like the beat of the drumming circle and it's enchanting influence upon the participants, so to is the primordial drumming circle of the sexual union. Each partner having the potential to release themselves to the rhythm of the drums beat and percussion. The percussion of the beating of the blood in the ears, the thumping in the chest, the slapping of the flesh of the drum's surface and the rhythm of the drummers beat. To be lost in the moment just as one is carried away during the drumming circle if one surrenders to the beat.
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