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Thread: Dreams... What the heck?

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    Dreams... What the heck?

    I've always been interested in dreams, and science, so... the science of dreams.

    There is a long history of dream theory, ranging from "messages from the gods" to "meaningless noise."

    I'm pretty sure, personally, that they serve a purpose, but the research goes on.

    Here's an article that seems to support my position:

    Our dreams have many purposes, changing across the lifespan

    ...Older adults tend to dream more about creative works, legacies and enduring concerns, while the dreams of dying people are filled with numbers of supernatural agents, other-worldly settings and images of reunions with a loved one who has died. Dreams that transport the child into the social world of his caretakers during early life gently escort the dreamer into the arms of his loved ones when life is nearing an end. Dreams accompany us literally from the cradle to the grave.
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    Re: Dreams... What the heck?

    Dream on mystery boy..I do agree however,my dreams seem to have an all star team of writers with a background of strange humor!!
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    Re: Dreams... What the heck?

    Since I became ill, I tend to have a lot of action packed dreams. In them, I do all the things - like running, climbing, swimming etc., that I could never do nowadays (and probably never did). I have great adventures. It's fantastic, and I'm not even tired when I wake up.

    I suspect I may have slipped through a portal and somehow passed into another world. At least, that's what I tell myself.

    Some dreams though are different, especially early in the morning (contact from the dead) and last thing at night (premonitions).

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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