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Thread: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

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    Re: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_ View Post
    My life depends on this,

    and I never argued with the mods, I did what I did and explained why justifying it xD
    If anything remotely as valuable as a human life, let alone your life in specific relied on a translation then
    A. You should be seeking answers in an academic context where the odds of accuracy increase but failing that and presuming for some reason that the translation needed to come from PF
    B. You would have spent the 10 minutes to either locate an admin or gm and send us a PM or spent 20 minutes coming up with 15 posts that aren't in Intros or Games and you would have done either of these in June when Rae'ya layed out the options for you.

    Instead of spending a bare minimum time seeking out assistance from higher staff or raising your post count high enough to bypass site restrictions back in June, you disappear for nearly a month, reappear to bump a thread and then disappear for a couple weeks before showing up to bump the thread again. So now that you've committed yourself to convincing me a that you're a liar, I'm going to narrow your options further. Historically, I'm the only staff member who has ever made exceptions on the image policy.

    I will not make one for you. I will shut this thread and any future threads like it down if you keep trying to bypass policy. As I'm also one of the three admins, your odds of getting a GM to help you are rather slim. If you want to post an image then either

    You, personally (don't ask other people to make appeals for you, it's unlikely to work) must send a Private Message to Thalassa or Juniper and pray that you're more convincing than most or
    make 10 more posts

    To save you time, this is

    the staff list

    Juni and Thal are in red.
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    Re: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

    It's a step in the direction, I never stated these translations were all I needed xD.

    My life does depend on it, don't call me a lier. I never said my life depended on it and I was going to lose my life if I didn't solve everything within a week lmao

    How sad of you to remove the images, hm,

    and I was replying to people who replied to the thread, it did bump it as-well however my intention was to reply, and also to bump so people would see my reply. (other people take months to respond as-well buddy)

    20 minutes to make up 15 posts. What a fascinating idea. Want me to restate my OP in 15 different ways then? Have you not come up with the conclusion that this is what I wanted to talk about yet?

    How can I come up with 15 posts. What is there to talk about other than what I want to talk about?

    My favourite colour is bright blonde, what is yours?

    Notice how I didn't post an image in this. Hurray!~

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you couldn't tell these forums aren't too active, you using me only coming back after a month then a few weeks later (I checked regularly and have email notifications turned on) is a poor reason to call me a lier and extremely offensive.

    I was replying to people who replied to me, not bumping

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm clearly not spamming random memes. Both 2 images were Ancient Royal Egyptian texts.

    I intended to be more active after my problem was solved, but since you insist I come up with 10 posts outside of Intros and Games then so be it I shall do that.

    "presuming for some reason that the translation needed to come from PF"

    Geez, I don't know, maybe because this is a pagan forum I thought I could post pagan stuff here, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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    Re: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

    I got my 15 posts by making genuine posts, so I will be making a new thread since you ruined this one, however I'd like you to keep this one active though you could make people not be able to reply to it if you so wish

    Also "20 minutes", no, it took 2+ hours to create 9 more posts, the first one being my response to you smh >.>
    Last edited by Celtic_; 18 Aug 2018 at 15:01.

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    Re: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

    That is definitely no way to talk to Masked One. Expect consequences.
    I am a God in the making, report any glitches and bugs. We appreciate your feedback!
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    Re: Can someone translate this Ancient Royal Egyptian for me?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanRave View Post
    That is definitely no way to talk to Masked One. Expect consequences.
    How so? I simply responded to him wrongly accusing me of lying and "presuming for some reason that the translation needed to come from PF", among other things, all of my replies being common sense,

    I'm not a liar, my life does depend on this, I never said this was the only thing I needed, it's just a step in that direction, and these forums are hardly active and I wasn't bumping this thread, I was responding to people who responded to my thread and me,

    Pagan forums are meant for pagan stuff, you can find many many many pagan topics, Shinto, Werewolves, Alters, etc here, so obviously I could post this here, it didn't "need to be from PF", I could just post pagan stuff here and PF was a preference, was the top result for "Pagan Forums", so I did.

    Also justified my original posts containing bypassed links to images saying it was the only thing I wanted to talk about and I was going to be more active here after my issue has been resolved

    You didn't read anything I said, did you Sean?

    - - - Updated - - -

    New thread :
    Last edited by Celtic_; 18 Aug 2018 at 15:28.

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