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Thread: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    RE: hand-fed vs. not. ONLY adopt a hand-fed bird. There is large market for illegally sourced birds. The methods are cruel to the birds, and not at all respectful of their environments. Think of birds bound in duct tape to aid in the ease of smuggling. Hand fed birds will be better pets, and also bred and hatched in captivity. In the US, at least, a legal bird will have a little numbered bracelet. Lots of people remove them when they get them home though, so it is harder to tell with a second-home bird. Hand fed birds will have some pretty clear behaviors, though, so that can help you identify them.

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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    Yeah thanks pear. I wanted to mention the numbered band on the leg but forgot. In some states a bird found without the tag, will be confiscated and destroyed. In almost all states it is against the law to remove the tag. Just so everyone knows... The tag/bracelete/band Is a metal loop with numbers pressed in to it. it is put on the bird within a few days of hatching and after a few more days the birds foot will have grown enough that it can't slip off.

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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    I wish you the best with your pets. That's nice how you want to get two.

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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    Honestly, I think anyone that wants to get a highly intelligent wild animal as a pet, particularly a parrot (in this case), should have to watch this and then justify their decision according to the points made.

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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    thank you for the video thal,did not get through all of it yet,but thought I would mention what happens if a bird does not get enough socializing human or other birds,they will go "CRAZY" and pullout their own feathers,(saw that on a documentary) so a LOT of responsibility in having a parrot,also I like to remind folks,even as a pet some animals are still in some ways "WILD",and we must understand what that means,like chimps that revert to a wild state

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    See here:
    Why would a chimpanzee attack a human?
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    Re: I'm getting a bird, what do you need to do to take proper care of them

    Feather plucking or picking can have many causes - some physical, some emotional. There is a great deal to learn before taking on a parrot as a life companion. Each species has distinct nutritional and companionship needs.

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