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Thread: Egyptian Goddess Isis Invocation

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    Egyptian Goddess Isis Invocation

    Here is a ritual I conducted in regards to the Goddess Isis. Feel free to do this ritual if you want. You can even change it up a bit to your desire.

    You will need:
    *An altar set up. <--- Use your imagination and look online for basic altar set-ups. It can be simple or complex. You decide.
    *Candle and lighter.
    * Cup or chalice with water.
    * Optional: Offering (If you offer something by doing something out of your spirit, its different.)
    * Image or statue of Isis, above or on the center of your altar, facing you.
    * Bell.
    * White robe with a red cord tied around waist, if you have the red cord. It's okay if you just wear a robe around your waist.

    Steps to ritual
    1.) Light your candle.
    2.) Ring bell and meditate or focus on Isis.
    3.) Conduct the Invocation of Isis. Feel free to listen to it on YouTube or read it out loud yourself, while doing your ritual. Omnisutra - Book of the Dead. Invocation of Isis

    4.) Bring what ever it is you wish to tell or let Isis know. Ring the bell. You should start to feel her presence. It is different for everyone.
    5.) The video of Invocation of Isis will eventually go to Adoration of Osiris, Invocation of Horus and A Ka Dua. A Ka Dua is a sacred Egyptian chant for those who don't know. It may be random about which video you get on the playlist. Feel free to play what ever it is you feel you need to play. I did Osiris and Horus since Isis is Horus' mother and Osiris is the father. This helps balance your masculine and feminine energies together.
    6.) Bring your offering if you have any before Isis. Isis will accept milk, honey, flowers, incense and candles. She is also a fertility Goddess, which means she will accept male semen. I'm not sure how it is for females. This ritual can be done in a sexual way. Many Pagans may believe in sacred sexuality. If this is part of your belief, you may consider doing this.
    7.) Ring bell.
    8.) Say a prayer or come up with a closing before politely telling Isis, she can leave now.
    9.) Give thanks. Optional: You may bow if you want.
    10.) Ring bell and blow out candle.

    Bonus: Feel free to share your experience of doing this ritual, or any experience you may have experienced with Isis.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm not sure how to edit this post, but I wanted to change 5.) A Ka Dua is a sacred Egyptian chant. It is not a scared chant.
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