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Thread: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

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    Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

    I've been working on and am employing the use of spells for defending myself that at its core functions like a mirror in that when something unwanted is directed toward what is protected it will be reflected and sent back to the caster(s).

    My question being would something like this be breaking the code?

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    Re: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells


    Two points:

    1) You're posting in a multi-faith board. So when you ask if something is breaking a religious/moral/ethical code then you may get a "Which one?" as an answer.

    2) Presuming that you are asking for an answer in the context of Wicca's Rule of Three and/or "And it harm none, do what ye will" restrictions. My decidedly non-Wiccan thoughts are that the Rule of Three doesn't actually forbid anything. If you want to re-enact a slasher movie in real life with real people dying then the Rule of Three doesn't say "don't kill people for fun". It does say that you probably won't enjoy what the universe does to you for re-enacting a slasher film but it doesn't actually forbid you from doing it. "And it harm none, do what ye will," similarly does not tell you to never cause harm. This is good because that standard is beyond you as a human being. It says that if your action isn't causing harm then feel free to do it. It doesn't actually present an opinion on if you are ever justified in causing harm in any given situation. Sometimes you might be, sometimes you might not.

    My personal feelings regarding mirror spells:

    I don't as a rule like mirror spells. I tend to think that a lot Wicca 101 authors and speakers push them and that the result is people deciding, "I can blithely toss up a mirror and I'm not responsible for what happens after the fact." This is reckless and irresponsible. If I help an idiot that is charging at me to run face first into a wall instead of into me, the fact that I'm using his momentum and bad judgement to send him face first into a wall doesn't alter the fact that I made a conscious choice to answer his aggression by planting his face in a wall. I may be justified in arranging the face plant but it still occurred by my design and therefore I am responsible. If you reflect a caster's curse back at them then that is a conscious decision on your part. You are responsible for deciding that your aggressor needs to experience the fruits of their labor. This is a personal pet peeve of mine though and not everyone is guaranteed to share it.
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    Re: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

    MY take has always been,do what you will,really means do as you like,BUT you MUST take responsibility for ALL effects no get out of jail part.
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    Re: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

    I agree with MaskedOne on this one. I also think that it depends on the intention. If someone is trying to hurt you, then there is no wrong in defending yourself. It all depends on the intention. You're wanting to defend yourself.

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    Re: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

    I think it has all been said on the Wiccan side of the story, but in Satanism its "if someone annoys you, tell them to stop. If they continue, destroy them."

    Maybe we're mean people.

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    Re: Advice about using "Return to Sender" Spells

    The thing I like about pagan religions (in general, for as far as my knowledge goes), is that there isn't really a 'code'. Merely guidelines like the Rule of Three. As the others said, it puts the responsibility back to you.

    Ask yourself why you'd want to cast a mirror spell. Could a protection spell be sufficient? One that protects you from harm, but doesn't reflect the other caster's curse back to them.

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