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Thread: Whatever Happened To...?

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    Whatever Happened To...?

    I feel like that I should make a thread for know the whereabouts the Pagan Forum members who have been inactive or missing in action for quite a long time.

    Whatever happened to Medusa? She used to be active in this forum and now she disappeared?

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    Re: Whatever Happened To...?

    That's true. I wonder what happened to her.

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    Re: Whatever Happened To...?

    Medusa is active in other places on the web. She just hasn't passed through here recently.
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    Re: Whatever Happened To...?

    good to hear mask,she is missed.
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    Re: Whatever Happened To...?

    I think she posted that she was going to take a break from PF for a while. I miss her.

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    Re: Whatever Happened To...?

    It happens, especially for forum goers and message board users. Even the most dedicated posters fall off every so often; sometimes they come back, sometimes not. Most of my friend list has been inactive for ...years at this point.
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