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Thread: Anyone going to participate in Nanowrimo?

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    Re: Anyone going to participate in Nanowrimo?

    I've participated in Nano many times but haven't succeeded yet. But I am doing it again this year. October has a facebook group for it, if you want a community. I'm sure she'll chime in here soon.

    I'm apparently writing a fantasy novel this year. no idea. I'll figure something out...maybe. =P
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    Re: Anyone going to participate in Nanowrimo?

    I am, of course, doing it. I've done it every year since 2011 and I haven't lost an event yet ;-) I'll be working on the sixth book in my series (I recently published Books 1 and 2), while simultaneously working on getting Book 3 ready for betas. So I'll be busy-busy lol
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