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Thread: Why isn't Halloween (November 1st) not honored and (October 31st) honored?

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    Why isn't Halloween (November 1st) not honored and (October 31st) honored?

    My friend told me that October 31st isn't really Halloween. It's Hallows eve or something. She said it has something to do with the Christians trying to change the Pagan views on it. I really don't know much about it. Why would kids trick or treat on a day that isn't Halloween, and still expect it to be Halloween? Trick or treat, Happy Halloween.... I mean that is what they say. It's not even Halloween! Today is Halloween, right?!

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    Re: Why isn't Halloween (November 1st) not honored and (October 31st) honored?

    The simple answer: Typically, winter holidays were celebrated from dusk to dawn, so it would be dusk of the 31st to dawn of the 1st. I have heard that the new year (which many consider to be November 1st) is actually the death of the year, to be reborn with the Sun on Yule (which is again celebrated from dusk to dawn).
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