This has been brewing in my mind as of late. In my life I have clawed my way through some very dark and sinister places,my major depression,part of this is from a term in the series "Dexter","the dark passenger" I have felt at times the urge to become the avenging angel,but my moral base prevailed. I have comer to believe that in order to achieve what is named,"the bright shining city on the hill",society as well as we humans,must pass through the demons trial of the temptation in the desert as Jesus is described as going through,I have passed into that darkness before,and was sorely tempted to follow the path into madness and hate but my humanity sustained me, there came the thought as a Marine expressed things,"kill them ALL,and let GOD sort them out" I hunger to see a just and caring society,but feel at times that humans can never shed their nature of the inner beast of destruction. I am hoping that we as a species may go through as a books title says"childhoods End" to emerge into our true destiny of Enlightenment.

As Lennon said,I may be a dreamer.

And I truly hope I am NOT THE ONLY ONE.