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    Pagan minimalists

    We just moved to our new home. It's way bigger than the somewhat tiny house we left. A family with two teenagers lived here before us. We don't and will not have kids, so we have the luxury of two leftover rooms. One will be an office. The other a spiritual room where I can do yoga, read books, meditate and maybe do some ritual work. After unboxing everything, I realized I have such little stuff to put in there (or the entire house for that matter). Only a few books, a small table to use as an altar and a few tealight holders. The only ritual objects I have are a crow's feather I've had for a long time and a leg bone, probably from a small deer I found in the dunes.

    When I do spell work or a ritual, I use whatever I can find in my home or from nature. The rest is in my head. I don't buy much at all. I don't even own a grimoire anymore, only a notebook to write my experiences in. I used to have way more items, especially when I just started my pagan journey. I bought stuff in bulk for the sake of buying :O I just gradually got rid of it all over the years, rather than collecting stuff.

    Is it weird to have such little objects after 15 years of following different pagan paths? I feel like I should have boxes full of stuff by now. Are any of you minimalists when it comes to your paths?
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