Hypothetical situation (not really. Check the news):

There is one group of indigenous people left in the world who still have autonomy, possession of their traditional land, and continue to practice their indigenous lifestyle. They maintain this freedom by killing any outsider who intrudes on their homeland. The government that has control of the area has made it illegal to come within five miles of the place, both to protect the population from interference, and protect those who would interfer from harm.

A Christen missionary, who feels that it is his duty to go preach the word of Gob to these poor lost souls who have never heard the name of Jebus violates the law, goes (illegally) into the forbidden territory, and is killed by the inhabitants.

Uhmmm... do I feel bad for the dead missionary, or for the people who have to resort to violence to protect their world?

Personally, I'm sorry the dude is dead, but even more sorry that he felt it was his duty to go in and save people who were happy living as they were.

Preachers can be so annoying... Being one does not give one a right to preach where the people don't want to be preached to.