It occurred to me just today that I had not revisited this wonderful site after having posted a thread titled "Need Help With An Entity"

Back in the summer of 2014 I was all over the place looking for advice, and maybe a little solace also, as the house that I was living in was more than I could deal with alone. I very much appreciate the attention that the members here gave to my problem. However, after two years we left.

There were so many things happening in that location that ultimately it left me thinking that it had to some how be dimensional. We ended up having psychics in, followed by investigators and then when word got out we had paranormal shows wanting to come in, which we did not do. And while I was trying to find a cure to the problem I made things even worse in the amount of stress that I heaped upon myself. After a year of that craziness I decided to go it alone.

The activity increased, but changed. It not only affected the house but also the outside and I suspect the drivers of cars that passed the front of the house. There were so many bizarre accidents that I couldn't help but think that it had to be the area. We later found out that the house and many of our neighbors were sitting on top of desecrated Indian Mounds.

The investigators detected abnormal magnetic signals in the areas that we had most of our experiences. They managed to capture balls of light coming into the attic from the roof then down into the floor over the kitchen. The kitchen window just under that point of entry we would see a very bright light emanating through it from outside. Three people witnessed that. I witnessed a very large black dog (obscenely large) cross through the back yard in the night. We saw amber colored lights in the sky right over us, as did our next door neighbor. But the one thing that really perplexes me is the amount of wildlife that our inner city back yard had. I have lived all over the country in a lot of houses and the amount of animal and insect life was amazing. I would think that instinct would warn off any animals. Small swarms of Sphinx moths, actually a large variety of moths, butterflies, gangs of squirrels and no fewer than six bird nests dangling from the exterior of the house. It was this aspect of the property that I really enjoyed. Coffee out back in the morning did wash away the horrors of the house, even just for a short while.

We had gotten to know the one of our neighbors well and he has reported to us that at least some activity continues. The car accidents certainly have as he has lost yet another car.

Anyway, just wanted to provide an update and a thanks to all the members that listened.