Well, as my title suggest, I been looking for like minded individuals for a long time. I just happened upon it earlier in the day and figured I would pursue it later to better to get to know it. Anyway, I always professed myself more as a pagan in a matter of speaking then anything else. I personally explored other religions and follow Joseph Campbell's recordings as a teaching. I am 48 and have done a lot of spiritual journey's and even vision quest's. On top of the doing peotie, not sure how to properly spell it, but sat down with a shaman a long long time ago.

I am also, part native american. According to family history, lenape, Mohawk, Iroquois, and possibly Blackfoot. I still need to do the whole dna genealogy though. So, with that said, I have always been different within my family. My mother knows this of me, at times, I feel I can sense people aura's and have a lot of deja vu dreams.

In the early part of the 80's my mother asked me what I believed in. At the time, I felt more pull towards Wicca, but, after my stunt in the Army, I felt more buddha. But, after exploring buddism more, I realize it wasn't for me. In 1992 I began my spirit journey. I started looking at other Religions but nothing took hold. I then found a shaman of the Lenape people, and did the vision quest. Found i followed the Hawk and black wolf, so, I was still confused on this. I kept studying religion.

So, the year is 2015, I am handling a divorce and trying to figure out how to raise my daughter as a single father. I contacted a so-called friend and his requirement for me trying to pick up the pieces was to go to church with him while I stay there to get back on my feet. I was pretty much on the OK statis on this. That was the worse 4 months any pagan can handle. Let me be straight, I am originally from NJ and moved to KY only because that is where my ex is from. So, on that, my daughter lives here also, but is going to college now. So, now I am trying to save up to move back home where I don't have to worry about people giving me that evil look. Mainly because I don't one, go to church and two, I am not christian.

Now, with the year being 2018, I have been looking for others like me. Mainly in this confused state we live in, but also, those that will except me for my beliefs. And not condemn me for going to hell(which I don't believe in, or being saved which I find hilarious). Well, my intro became more of a rant then a hello so, with that, I apologize for it.

I do feel a lot of negative energy and being prior military, I will admit to seeing a social worker on this. So, on that, I want people to realize, even as a vet but also someone who identifies as a pagan, we are out there.

Now, on how I believe, one, I am a big star wars person. So, with that, you can figure out where I might go with this. Yes, I believe in the force, but not like how its presented in the movies. I believe the force in how matter and anti-matter is presented in science and use that in my understanding of everything. I can use the simple phrase of penetrating and bind but that would still confuse most who don't understand.

So, with this, I personally just say, I am a Pagan who see's all.