Found a very interesting test online that just tries to figure out where you stand on different philosophical topics:
Here are my results (which are extremely accurate on how I feel about myself).

Honestly, nothing surprising. You can post your result and leave it at that, but I'd love to make this an opportunity to have each one of you share your insight on your own result, and comment and discuss other's results!

I'll start with mine:

52.3% Materialism vs 47.7% Spiritualism

This one's pretty easy. While I do not have any regard for the concept of balance or equilibrium, I do have a pretty much equivalent regard for spirituality and the material matters. I strive to be spiritually strong and stable, and to be wealthy as hell too. I do not think they are opposites of each other, and both complete both the mundane and divine sides of an individual.

77.3% Egosim vs 22.7% Altruism

For starters, and it is a question asked on the test, I believe there is no such thing as a 100% altruistic action. I'd even (reluctantly though) go as far as to say that the very existence of altruism just further proves that helping others benefits the individual.

40% Idealism vs 60% Pragmatism

Dreams and Utopias are fine to have around for reference, but in the end the weight of our actions in the real world, their consequences, and the reality of things are what matters. This doesn't exclude attempts at making Ideals into reality, but a pragmatic approach to it is often more effective.

68.6% Hedonism vs 31.4% Asceticism

I don't know what's more frustrating, having missed 69% or having missed 66.6%. Life is pleasure and pain, maximize pleasure, minimize pain. Of course, sometimes to maximize pleasure, you need some unpleasant period (transition, training, preparation), hence the 30% Asceticism.

80% Nihilism vs 20% Moralism.

What are morals anyway? I'd like to point out that I'm more of an optimistic nihilist: nothing matters, and that's GREAT because it means everything that matters to you... Matters to you! Satanic approach oblige, I don't think set morality is of any benefice to the individual.

51.7% Rationalism vs 48.3% Romanticism

Pretty much the same as with Materialism and Spiritualism, there's a time and place for Reason, and there's a time and place for Emotion. All Emotions Matter, but making choices based solely on Emotion won't lead anywhere good. Reason prevails, but when the heart is not there, the soul isn't either, and "making the right choice" won't sound so good.

52.1% Skepticism vs 47.9% Absolutism

I mean, I will refuse most if not all "evidence" concerning aliens (anyone seen the documentary titled Starseed? It's laughable all the way through.). BUT I have seen UFOs myself. Will also take everyone else's UPG with a gigantic grain of salt, but my UPG? Totally happened. No doubt.

There you have it. Yes, this is what I do at 6 in the morning. Yes, I sleep only 4 hours per night. No it's not healthy. Yeah please do participate in this thread.