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Thread: Virtual Bast Devotion

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    Virtual Bast Devotion

    I find virtual worlds to be quite helpful, while devoting yourself to a specific god/goddess. Regardless of what you believe, I've found numerous places to worship in a virtual world called "Second Life." There is a beautiful temple for Bastet (Bast). I spoke with the owner and high priestess at the temple. She was quite an interesting person, and did an excellent job at creating this virtual temple. I made a short clip of myself praying and singing, while dancing to Bast. I always thought the name was pronounced with the et.... at the end.

    I used a prayer from "CrystalJackal" who posted it on this site. It may seem a bit silly with me trying to sing it. I find being creative and coming up with prayers, rituals or music can be very beneficial. I did however, use the prayer. This is a short little song while singing the prayer, that I did on Second Life. I'm quite new to Bast devotion. Here is the link:

    They have many other places to worship. I noticed a temple for Seth. It's quite interesting.
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    Re: Virtual Bast Devotion

    There used to be a website where you could build your own digital alter that I used to use, but it has since been taken down (I think it was called iShrine, or something? I don't really remember now; it has been awhile). You could write a prayer/spell/devotional kind of thing and light a virtual candle and leave it up on the site for either an alter you designed yourself or at somebody else's alter for whatever Deity you want. For the more popular Deities, there was several alters to choose from that various people had made. I personally prefer a real world spritual location, but when privacy is an issue or for travelling, or are just short on time, I think the whole virtual temple/shrine/alter/what have you is a pretty cool idea.

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    Re: Virtual Bast Devotion

    i like that idea very much,a vr place of peace and solice
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