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Thread: Sometimes I Wish That I Wasn't Born With No Disability

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    Unhappy Sometimes I Wish That I Wasn't Born With No Disability

    Hey everybody. As many of you may or may not know. I was born with ADHD/Autism. My life haven't been so great. I feel like a huge burden to my older brother always taken care of me. And I blame myself for being a useless moron who's not capable of anything. I just wish I was more independent, get my own house, learn independent skills. I'm sick and tired of this crap. I feel like if my life with no disability I'll be very capable just about anything. I hate being disabled. I just hate it.

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    Re: Sometimes I Wish That I Wasn't Born With No Disability

    I understand. I have a few disabilities of my own. I have epilepsy and if I have a seizure I have to wait six months to drive on my own. I have to take lots of meds to keep them under control, plus have a surgery every five years to reinsert a battery for my vagal nerve stimulator. I'm 36 and still live with my parents and want to be out on my own. I thought by this point in life I would be out on my own, be married, have a successful job, and a child. However, I do not have any of them. I do have a job at least, but not the one I want. I know you don't like being disabled, I understand that, but you have to look at things in a positive view instead of a negative view. You could be on the streets. And you're not a moron. If you want to be more independent look to see if you can get help through the government to get housing. Don't see the world half empty, see it half full.

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    Re: Sometimes I Wish That I Wasn't Born With No Disability

    housing yes,you would qualify for low income housing,at 30 percent of your income. I live in low income senior housing HUD,and very affordable.

    so check that out if you want more independence.
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