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Thread: 2019 New Years Heat Wave

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    2019 New Years Heat Wave

    Anyone get that heat wave at the new years drop? I mean dang it was almost like summer outside lol and it was winter. I mean wtf? New Years prank? haha!

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    Re: 2019 New Years Heat Wave

    Quote Originally Posted by pragon View Post
    Anyone get that heat wave at the new years drop? I mean dang it was almost like summer outside lol and it was winter. I mean wtf? New Years prank? haha!
    It was -29C on Christmas day. We all live in different places.
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    Re: 2019 New Years Heat Wave

    That's why I was wondering, if anyone else got it.

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    Re: 2019 New Years Heat Wave

    I don't think we did, but today? I was outside in a t-shirt and comfortable...
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    Re: 2019 New Years Heat Wave

    It was raining on New Years for us. Why couldn't it have snowed! This year sucks for us so far! I want a little snow!

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