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Thread: Why I Don't Want To Be Famous On Youtube

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    Re: Why I Don't Want To Be Famous On Youtube

    Quote Originally Posted by Tylluan Penry View Post
    YouTube is whatever you make it. I have just 181 videos there at the moment but over 11K subscribers. I don't beg people to subscribe, and I don't tolerate nastiness or drama. I like interacting with viewers, but I would never pay for likes or subscribers (surprising how many people do).

    As long as you're enjoying what you do, Bart, never look sideways. And good luck!
    Thank you. Also one more thing that I would like to add that I don't make videos for anyone viewing pleasure and I definitely don't get pay for your service. I make videos for myself and my subscribers. And for people who subscribed my channel actually enjoy my videos and I'm going to keep doing what I do best.

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    Re: Why I Don't Want To Be Famous On Youtube

    Good for you, Bart! I don't monetise my videos either. All the very best with your video Channel!

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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