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    Funko POP!

    I absolutely adore the Funko POPs, especially since I'm a fan of animated movies and series!

    To begin with, I have all Aladdin figures from 352 till 356! If I had to rank them from worst to best, I would say Abu (just not as good as the others), Rajah (same, but the figure's bittersweet and charming orange color bring me ecstacy!), Aladdin (not as fancy as the latter ones, though his hair and muscles are amazingly done and reference with the breads he holds behind him makes me smile ), Jasmine (gorgeous red color, hair and jewelery put on a character and physical beauty and a dynamic personality that make me smile so much!) and Jafar (his body and hair are masterfully done!!).

    I also have a Lighting Mcqueen from Cars 3, an I Heart Gru Mel from Despicable Me 3, Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes, Steamboat Willy Mickey Mouse, Kevin from Home Alone, Aladdin's First Wish, Christmas SpongeBob, Fireman Dumbo from the upcoming movie, and Jasmine from the latest Aladdin figure series!

    What POPs do you have? I'm currently planning to buy a glitter variation of Red Jesmine!!
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