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Thread: To smack or not to smack?

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    Re: To smack or not to smack?

    From Merriam Dexter:
    : to cause to come into contactShe accidentally hit her head getting into the car.
    b: to deliver (something, such as a blow) by action
    c: to apply forcefully or suddenlyhit the brakesWill someone hit the lights?

    intransitive verb
    1a: to strike a blowboxers hitting furiously at each other
    b: to arrive with a forceful effect like that of a blowthe storm hit

    2a: to come into contact with somethingthe plate shattered when it hit

    You can split definitions all you want, but you hand hits a child when spanking them. Also, you sit here and say that you got offended when I didn't ask how hard you hit your nieces, but then you assume that someone wasn't hitting them hard enough because they were laughing? I feel like that's a bit of pot vs kettle. No one is making character aspirations on you based on assumptions, everyone is just responding to your literal words, same as you are responding to ours.

    It's called physical discipline exactly because it is a way of physically--of hitting, not specifically on the bottom, but hitting anywhere--on the child as a method of discipline. You can argue that spanking isn't hitting, but you're wrong--spanking is a very specific form of hitting. Smacking, which is the title of this thread, is defined as:

    : a sharp slap or blow
    You yourself used smack at least once to describe your actions. (I threw her over my torn up knee, growling, and proceeded to wail her rear end with my hand, giving her a good ten to fifteen smacks.)

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    Re: To smack or not to smack?

    I'm tired of all the allusions to child abuse in this thread. It's sickening.

    There is a line between discipline and abuse, but if your opinion is that hitting a child harder is the solution, then I'm done listening to your opinions on the matter. Any of you.

    I'm locking this thread until I get off work tonight.

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