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Thread: Recurring Nightmares

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    Recurring Nightmares

    I just woke up from a nightmare a little over an hour ago around 3:00 AM MST. I've had the same nightmare before; sometimes with slight variations, but I could recognize the signs about three fourths of the way into the dream.

    It started off in some kind of a bar or restaurant this time. I was with my mother and sister; or at least I think they were supposed to be my mother and sister; it was hard to tell. For some reason we had a massive stack of cash too; paying for food and drinks without even counting it out; just handing out chunks of it and calling it good haha. We left the establishment in our car, and went off in search of a hotel, or something.

    We came upon a quiet cul de sac to a rental house; it was night throughout the whole dream. I recognized the cul de sac, too; it was the same one that my grandparents lived on; they passed away a few years ago; just a few months apart too....I found that to be a bit bitter-sweet; they at least didn't have to be away from each other too long before reuniting in the afterlife....I hear swans do something similar....kind of beautiful.

    "...This place is haunted, isn't it?" I asked no one in the car in particular, staring at the house in place of my grandparents old house, which seemed to have disappeared. The trailer house in it's place was very familiar to me....I'd seen it in my nightmares before. It was raining now. I knew something bad was about to happen.

    We met the landlord in the driveway, handing him a fat wad of cash before going into the house. I could feel the moment getting closer; the moment where...."it" comes for me. Once in the house, my sister was complaining about her new bedroom; an approximately sixteen foot by eight foot room, running north to south, with no windows, and a queen size bed situated horizontally in the middle of the room, effectively making it impossible to walk around the bed to the opposite side of the room.

    I could feel it coming; any moment now.

    I quickly turned away from the bedroom and walked into the living room. Suddenly we weren't in a trailer house anymore....we were in the house I'm living in right now. I looked out the large living room window at our car parked on the curb. We were still on the cu de sac.

    "I'm sleeping outside." I exclaimed to them matter of factly haha.

    "Oh, don't be ridiculous!" Mom replied.

    I then briskly walked to my bedroom, knowing exactly where it was. It looked just like the bedroom I'm in right now, but it was bare, and empty; not even a bed. For some reason, this made me feel safer, but I knew it wasn't going to last; this was going to end badly. I decided to check out my giant walk-in closet, (not just a figment of my dream by the way haha). I opened the door to the closet, and walked inside, looking out the window. My bedroom doesn't actually have a window; my closet does though. Turning away from the window, I walked to the opposite end of the closet to check out the racks before turning back around and starting back towards the open door of my closet.....just before it slammed itself shut, fast, and hard; trapping me in the closet.

    That was my cue: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" I started screaming in my dream, in a desperate effort to wake myself up before he came for me; he was probably standing right behind me as I managed to wake myself up, snapping back into this world, screaming in a cold sweat. Mom was already awake and came in to wake me up; she thought I was still in the middle of the nightmare. I'd started screaming in the nightmare, but I was probably simultaneously screaming in this realm as well.

    I relayed the experience to her; whenever either of us a nightmare, it helps for us to talk about it before heading back to our rooms.

    I haven't gone back to sleep since. Not sure if I'm even going to try. I only got about two or three hours of sleep though, so I may have to have a nap later, but I'd rather not; I really want to get back onto a normal sleeping schedule; I'm a chronic insomniac. It's now 4:50 AM. MST.

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