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Thread: Spring fever and dirt

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    Spring fever and dirt


    Here on the 45th parallel, it's gittin' ta be plantin' time.

    This year, I'm going in the direction of container gardening, for two reasons:

    1. The soil here is almost pure sand, with a thin layer of forest duff, on top of limestone, and
    2. I don't want the ravenous deer to get everything.

    I'm currently looking at cheap containers, like stock tanks, for this. I've got seedlings started and it's near time to move em' outside. I'm also looking at growing 'taters in garbage cans.

    I'm also interested in water gardening - I constructed a pond at my last house and miss the water thing. I'll also put my pond plants in containers - I've got a red water lily in a big decorative plastic pot (it hasn't done much yet but looks healthy & is prolly waiting for warmer weather). Tomorrow I am ordering seeds for the Sacred Egyptian Lotus (which is actually a water lilly), and Sacred Lotus (pink ones, which really are lotus).
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    Re: Spring fever and dirt

    I've got one more week too!!! I'm so ready. We built two 4x8x2 beds and well see how they do.
    I might decide next year to build them up an extra 2 feet but right now I'll stick with the tow.
    Happy growing season Corbin.
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