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Thread: Climate change discussion (practise for Azvanna)

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    Climate change discussion (practise for Azvanna)

    So... last week I was asked to intern for Citizen's Climate Lobby Australia! So chuffed! They also showed interest in funding a short film and local forum in my region, just opening a discussion on climate change (I live in a region with many deniers or fence-sitters). The end goal is to get enough public support to create political pressure.

    I'd really like to practise discussing global warming and climate action. I would love to have some people play devil's advocate for me.

    So, the main ideas I'd like to discuss with you are:

    - Do you believe that Earth's climate is changing due to human activity? Why or why not?
    - What do you believe is the most effective way to minimize global warming and its impact, if at all possible?
    - Have you noticed any changes in the environment around you already?
    - Are your friends and acquaintenances concerned about global warming?

    I'm not well-versed in dealing with scholarly articles or hard-core science-y stuff. You can expect me to keep everything in plain english. If you could do the same for me too, I'd appreciate that and it would reduce the amount of times I have to ask you what you mean.

    Let's keep it chilled...bad pun?
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