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Thread: What does spirituality mean to you?

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    Re: What does spirituality mean to you?

    In this view, the semantic issue is downstream of a more fundamental cognitive issue. The lack of access to accurate details of the production of conscious experience referenced, is specific to the apparatus of the same.

    Any number of mapping and sensor techs have access to this detail which the consciousness does not, by default of the structure of connections and value calculations (apparently) made by the human brain. The short version of a long story is that consciousness is an ineffective assessor of it's own nature, by design.

    Our mind evolved to find dinner, not truth - which cuts deeper than any confusion in language, though it positively manufactures them.

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    -it's also worth noting that AST is a theory of how a biological machine could report conscious experience, and what sort of experience we would expect it to report. Meaning that it's not only the missing detail of -x- being manufactured, but the preceding declarative statement "I'm experiencing -x-", as well.

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