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Thread: Spell only worked once

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    Spell only worked once

    Hi everyone,

    So a few weeks ago I did a call me/message me spell ( first spell i had ever done). I wanted someone to reach out to me who I hadn’t spoken to for about a month. So I did the spell late at night ( the one where you draw an image like an angel or a butterfly and keep the piece of paper in your phone) and went to sleep. Sure enough the very second I woke up I recieved a message from the person I wanted to contact me!! We chatted all day everyday for about a week until we lost contact again due to busy schedules? Anyway i tried to do the same spell twice more over the last couple of weeks and it didn’t work at all.
    (Please figure if I’m being ignorant as I explained this is the first time I ever delved into witchcraft.)

    Any thoughts? How could the spell be so powerful the first time and not work at all afterwards.

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    Re: Spell only worked once

    Magic/Witchcraft is, in my experience, works as an enhancement tool for circumstances that already make the outcome likely to an extent.

    Your best bet is to use mundane (non-magic related) ways to obtain what you want, and enhance your chances of success with magic. Magic, in and on itself, is more of an influencing factor than a decisive force. It serves mainly to amplify the effect of your mundane actions.

    In your case, I'd say that the first time you tried your spell it worked because the circumstances at hand were already a viable situation for your spell to work. The next two attempts were hindered either by a lack of mundane implication on your part, or simply because the circumstances were not favorable to the matter at hand.

    Don't fret too much about the power of your spells, intent and confidence are really important for their success. Giving your spells room to work, by already trying to solve the problem in non-magical ways, is a good idea. The other way around works too, as in using magic to enhance your next mundane actions in order to achieve your goal.

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    Re: Spell only worked once

    Have you tried texting them?

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    Re: Spell only worked once

    It's entirely possible that resuming contact is not what is in your best interests, or in the best interests of the other person. As Sean said above, magick is a way to supplement your physical/mundane actions and improve your chances of success, but it can't (and shouldn't) force a situation that would not otherwise occur. The first spell may have worked as a little prod to re-establish contact, but it may not be working now because one or both of you are not actually committed to the ongoing relationship. Remember that when there is another person involved as an element (or target) of a spell, there are two primary threads and a whole complex pattern of the situational context that can muddy up the waters... you have your desires, intentions and strength of will and the other person has theirs. You don't know what their desires and intentions are or how that affects the energy of the situation. So sometimes we work the spell but the other person's intentions or higher self intervene and we don't get the outcome that we want. That's the reality of working spells that involve other people.

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    Re: Spell only worked once

    The target rolled 20 on their Will save in the next two spells. If you're working magic to influence another person then the other side gets a vote*. The easiest answer is to take Rhythm's advice and send a text.

    * I'm aware of the fact that coercive spells exists. They attempt to weight the scales in your favor but the enemy (and once you decide to start trying to override someone's will with magic, you are enemies. Mystical coercion is not the act of a friend) always gets a vote.
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    Re: Spell only worked once

    Or, failing that, hit them over the head with a club...with your own hands, and stop asking the heavens to do it for you.

    The heart wants what it wants, and it's not always concerned with the other party.

    I'm sympathetic, we've all been there, still, coercive magic..whether it works or not... is the conceptual equivalent of a date rape drug. That's worth thinking about before a person lights that candle.
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