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Thread: Can the soul die?

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    Re: Can the soul die?

    The idea of feeding souls, or of sustaining souls..particularly the souls of family, is ubiquitous to human culture and belief. Not just in the past, but in the present as well. That's what people are doing in Mexico city on the 31st of october, for example. A soul unremembered is a soul un-awakened..or worse...

    Have I heard of it, yes. Do I believe it? No. Whatever soul I have will die when I die. I only need to die once to be dead. I think that the idea of impermanence is difficult for us to accept because our entire identity and experience is built around the notion of personal permanence. We can't even imagine what it's like to be nonexistent...even though the person trying to imagine it in a given moment will almost certainly cease to exist long before they die.

    On a biological level, on a psychological level. I suppose that's the grand irony of our fear and hopes for the hereafter, as I see it. The thing we worry about is happening to us every minute of every day, and has happened to us many times over, and we just don't notice it.

    Maybe we don't notice it because that person is no longer around to remind us that it's happened?

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    Re: Can the soul die?

    The ego, the physical self dies but in some religion it still exists.

    If you could re-incarnate it makes no sense because you would remember, but this is not possible.

    IMO if you want to re-incarnate you have to have a special spirit or be possessed by a type of spirit or have access to some knowledge from beyond the physical world to know in which body or from which astral creature your spirit comes from.

    There is unfortunately no work around death because you die every second, you evolve, grow, and slowly go back to the void. I just cannot tell if your spirit or if your particular spirit die or when it dies.

    I do hope everyone would be immortal and 'awakens' with memory in the spirit world, i seriously wish it for all humanity even with the stupidity of it all, we do what we can with what has been given to us by the master magician, the powerful creating self sacrificing love, Ra, Isis, Apophis, Osiris. The Father, the Son, Mary, and the most important the Spirit.

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